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St. George’s Prayer Request

Do you have a need for prayers?  St. George’s would love to pray for you.

Prayer Request.jpg

Prayer Request Information
(please print and deliver to the Church Office, or email the church.

__ Private Prayer (Rector Only)
__ Private Prayer (Rector and Intercessory Prayer Group Only)
__ Public (Rector, in Bulletin & Intercessory Prayer Group)
__ Public (Rector, in Sunday Bulletin, Intercessory Prayer Group, and Prayer List Email)

Date of Request: ___________
Praying for: ___________
Requested by: ___________
End Date: ________ (End date will be 2 weeks from start unless a date is stipulated.)

Prayer Request: _________________

Click here to email your prayer request to the church.

Intercessory Prayer Group

If you are interested in being part of St. George’s Intercessory Prayer Group, please contact Fr. Ray or leave a message at the office (916-487-5600).


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