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The wizard behind the curtain

by Ryan Saunders

The wizard behind the curtain. Hopefully everyone understands this cultural reference to the “Wizard of Oz.” I like to think of it as the mysterious force behind the scenes that makes things happen. You’re not certain who they are or how they do it, but the work gets done and things happen like they are supposed to.

At St. George’s, we have many groups and individuals that are all wizards behind the curtain. Our Alter Guild, for example. Toiling tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure all of the pieces are in place for two Sunday services each week. Or Jan Mirrione in the office, quietly taking care of administrative tasks for our church so that everything runs smoothly and we don’t fall behind on any responsibilities or obligations. Or Sandy Olsen, coordinating the schedule for all of our Sunday services and publishing the By George each month.

fellowship partnersI could go on and on identifying different wizards behind the curtain at St. George’s, and would probably name each and every one of you much like Deacon Bob has done with his medallions. What I would like to do is focus on a particular group that serves as wizards behind the curtain: the Vestry.

Our Vestry plays an important role at St. George’s and serves as the nominated, and elected, body to represent the congregation. Think of it as our City Council for the Church. They make policy decisions, approve an annual budget, participate in goal setting sessions, and take action on various items that face our Church throughout the year.

There are nine members on the Vestry, and they are broken up into 3-year cohorts that serve 3-year terms. We have a Sr. Warden that is sort of like the Mayor, and a Jr. Warden that is sort of like a Vice Mayor. We also have a Treasurer and a Secretary, but those two positions do not have to be Vestry members. Vestry meetings are held once a month, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 pm at St. George’s. We also participate in a mid-Summer Mutual Ministry Review, which is basically a goal setting session facilitated by a designated individual from our Dioceses.

With our Annual Meeting coming up in January, it will be time to elect 3 new Vestry members. As I mentioned, this is a very important role in our Church. If you are interested, or would like to suggest someone that you believe would be a strong candidate, please reach out to either me, or Aaron Adkins, or any of our Vestry members and let us know.

As I step down from Vestry after our Annual Meeting, I am appreciative for all that our congregation has accomplished, and all of the support we have received from everyone. Also, I am looking forward to new faces on our Vestry and to the continued strong leadership they have demonstrated over the years.


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