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Dear St George’s,

If you were not at church for the Stewardship Sunday Event or taken an opportunity in the last couple of Sundays to turn in a pledge card, please do so as soon as you can.  The vestry needs the pledge information in order to come up with a budget  for next year.  As is the custom at St George’s there is no “suggested” amount – your pledge is your pledge to determine as circumstances permit, if you are uncertain what you can do this coming year, turning in a pledge card with zero and your name will still be helpful in determining the church budget.  So please complete and return your pledge if you haven’t already done so.  After Sunday Nov 20th, the stewardship follow-up committee, Ryan, Joy and Lani, will begin making follow-up calls.

Having been a stewardship chairman and someone who had to make those calls, I can assure you the committee members do not look forward to having to make calls, so please be kind to them and turn in a pledge card.

You can pick-up a pledge card at Church on Sunday or you can print the pledge card below and either bring it to church or mail it in. You can also send it via email to Mel or Jan.

Deacon Bob



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