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Woman’s Guild – Harvest Season

By Carol Adkins

Harvest Season already! Time does fly.

Women's GuildDiscussions at our September Guild meeting lead to some fresh ideas for activities and mini fund raisers.    Some research and planning needs to be done then we will start the publicizing so be on the lookout for news.

One activity I can tell you about now comes from a question/suggestion at the last Vestry meeting. Someone wondered about the forming of dinner party groups. This is something done at St. George’s in the past and now seems a good time to revive this fun idea. As not everyone likes to be out and about after dark, we are going to put out a sign-up sheet asking for interest in being part of either a lunch group or a dinner group [or even both]. Depending on the interests, groups can be formed and the participants can decide on the format [restaurant meals or shared meals at rotating homes, etc.]. Look for the sign- up sheet on Sunday or call the church office to have your name included.

Church office: 916-487-5600.Friends Eating An Al Fresco Lunch, Holding Wineglasses


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