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Let It Flow!

Thoughts From Our PIC (Priest in Charge)

by the Rev. Ray Hess

A few years ago, Deborah and I went on a diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Bishop Beisner. On our pilgrimage, we visited the Dead Sea. Along with many from our group, I was able to go swimming in the sea.  You really don’t swim in the Dead Sea, you float because the water is so full of salt and other minerals. So I floated on my back for a few minutes in the sea! The Dead Sea is “dead” because water flows into it from the Jordan in the north but does not flow out in the south.  The water stagnates and becomes very salty; it cannot support fish or other life because of this.

The Dead Sea is a good teacher about the need to flow. In the fall season, we usually think about stewardship, especially the stewardship of money as we consider our financial pledges for the coming year. The idea of stewardship is that all we have is a gift of God.  We do not own anything permanently; we are caretakers temporarily on God’s behalf. We get to enjoy God’s gifts, and we are responsible to God to use those gifts well to help others and care for God’s world.flow-fish

We are given time, money, and talents by God – the gift of life itself. These gifts are created to flow through us to the world. If we hang onto the gifts, the gifts stagnate and cease to give life. On the other hand, if we share generously with others of our money, time, and talents, our gifts become life-giving and multiply.

On Sunday November 6th, we will have one service at 10 a.m. After the worship service, we will have our annual “Event” where we highlight stewardship and invite each other to make our financial pledges for 2017. This is an opportunity to have some fun together and to be generous for the ministries of our parish. I hope that we will let our gifts flow through St. George’s for the ministries of Jesus Christ!


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