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Spring is a beautiful time of the year

by Ryan Saunders, Senior Wardentulips with card

Spring is a beautiful time of the year. There is much change to behold that is beautiful and dramatic. Trees bud out. Flowers blossom. Grasses turn green. Animals become very active. Yet, it is comforting that these changes can be counted on like clock work. More or less, at the same time each year, Spring returns with these glorious changes.

Spring is somewhat of a metaphor of St. George’s. We are constantly changing in beautiful ways, yet the beauty of these changes can be counted on to occur over and over. People come and go. The Vestry turns a new leaf each year. New challenges are presented and are tamed. Yet the love and care that embodies St. George’s is something that can be depended upon like the constant of the North Star.

On May 1st, St. George’s celebrates 50 glorious years. This is a fun and exciting time to reminisce and be proud of how far our small church has come. And, to think about where we were in our lives over the past 50 years. I love all of the “Where were you…” segments that have been shared by Deacon Bob. (Keep them coming!)

What gets me excited is to look ahead 50 years. Where will St. George’s be 50 years from now? I can’t even begin to fathom all the changes that will occur between now and then. But, I feel confident that the same love and caring will continue to be pervasive throughout our future. Here is to a wonderful 50 years, and to another 50 more. Cheers!




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