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Happy Golden Anniversary!

Thoughts from Our PIC (Priest in Charge)
Happy Golden Anniversary!
By Father Ray

St. George 50.jpg

We’ll get the gold! This is not an Olympic race, but our anniversary! On Sunday May 1 st , we will have one service at 10 a.m., followed by an anniversary celebration. We will remember the first service at our church building 50 years ago. In our case, the first service in our worship space was also very near the beginning of our church. Back at that time, the diocese decided to buy the land and build the first structure for a new congregation in Carmichael – all before there was any congregation! Once the building was ready, the diocese called Oliver Nixon to be the first priest, who started to gather a congregation. So we have been about Jesus’ ministry for the past 50 years since that beginning

The way this anniversary celebration has come about says a lot about the current style and character of our parish. Back in January, Bishop Beisner visited us, and during his visit he commented that this is our 50th anniversary year. For most of us, this was a surprise. We had no idea that this was our anniversary! That got us thinking, and the vestry decided to do something to mark the occasion. Meanwhile, Deacon Bob Olsen noticed the exact date of the first service in our building was May 1, 1966. He also noticed that May 1 st is on a Sunday this year – perfect timing for an anniversary celebration! Then the vestry decided to have a special service and celebration on May 1 st , and we were off and running. During that time, Deacon Bob was looking for something in Daniel’s Den (our storage shed), and discovered a time capsule box that had been left at the 25th anniversary celebration for the parish. This box has bulletins, newsletters, and other things from that time. We will show these things at our 50th celebration, and we will create a new time capsule box for people to open at our 75th anniversary. We have been gathering photos from parish life over the past 50 years, and Bob has created a slide show which we presented at our celebration on May 1 st.

Others in the parish joined in the preparations for May 1 st . The women’s guild helped organize a lunch for the day, so that no one had to bring food for the event. Lani Hahn and the Sunday School children have created a play about St. George and the dragon. We also had music – with Sandy Olsen and Mel Rose leading songs from the 60’s, and Tess Testeza leading a sing along.

Our planning for the anniversary has not been a formal process with a committee, but an organic development of the parish, with many people sharing their gifts. This is the fun, dynamic way we do things at St. George’s! We are a vibrant small congregation with many people sharing in ministry. As we turn fifty, we are healthy and looking forward to what the Holy Spirit will do within us in the future!


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