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Women’s Guild

by Carol Adkins

At our January meeting, the following officers were confirmed for the new year: President, Carol Adkins; Vice President, Cathy Crosby and Secretary/Treasurer, Jan Mirrione. Janet Jenkins will continue to keep the Book Corner in good order and Rene Cress, as Sunshine Chair, will continue spreading smiles to the congregation.

Plans were discussed and finalized for the reception for our Bishop Barry Beisner when he makes his official visit at the end of January. It is gratifying the way so many members step forward to help with making these receptions so enjoyable. The same is true of our traditional Mardi Gras Brunch held the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. Without all the helpful hands, it would not be as successful as it has been. This year’s Brunch was February 7 following a 10:00 AM service; some fun music and singing rounded out the festivities.Women's Guild

The next Women’s Guild meeting

The next Women’s Guild meeting will be Wednesday, February 17. All women of the congregation are encouraged to attend the brief business meeting followed with some socializing time.

Beverages and dessert will be provided.


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