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Continuing Our Journey to Total Ministry

Those of you who came to the pledge gathering after our single service on October 12 had a chance to see some of the musical talent we have here at St. George’s. But many in our congregation have other talents, and part of our walk towards total ministry is recognizing and cultivating those gifts and talents in both ourselves and others for the benefit of our own church and for the world outside.total ministry logo

What kinds of “gifts and talents” am I referring to? One example is a member who is developing his gift for preaching. Another example can be seen in the growth in attendance at our 10:30 service this year, due in part to the recruiting efforts of one member who recently moved into a retirement community, and the welcoming of newcomers by others during and after the service. And then there are members who maintain contact with people who can no longer attend services regularly, or at all, those who conscientiously visit people in the hospital or in rehab facilities, and those who make themselves instantly available to others in the case of an emergency. In addition to these are people who work behind the scenes in many capacities such as running the office, counting and depositing the offering, the Altar Guild, and many who keep groups such as the Thursday bible study and the Wednesday knitting group continuing on through the years. And I see members who specialize in finding opportunities for outreach into the community, and then enable us as a congregation to actually do that outreach. These are just a few examples of the abundant gifts and talents among us.

Saint-George-Logo smallWhat is amazing is that virtually every member of St. George’s is described in at least one sentence in the paragraph above. As we continue on the path towards total ministry, let us begin to consciously recognize our own gifts and talents, and the gifts and talents of others.

Your vestry is becoming a de facto ministry team that will work on building a structure of sorts for the practice of total ministry, but we need the help of everyone. When you see something special in someone, or yourself, even if it can’t be clearly articulated, let one of us know. We will do our best to help everyone find their calling or callings as total ministers.

Becky Freie, Senior Warden


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