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November Thoughts From Our Priest in Charge

By Father Ray Hess

November is a good time to focus on the practice of giving thanks. Taking time to thank God regularly is a very helpful part of our spiritual life. I try each day to do prayer of thanksgiving to God for the events of that day. Some days, I have lots of things that come easily to mind for which to give thanks. Then there are those days when I have to think hard to come up with reasons to give thanks. But there is always something!thanksgiving---give-thanks

I’ve been thinking about some things I’ve thankful for this year. Here are some of them:

  •  For my wife Deborah, our children, and grandchildren.
  • For our daughter Heather’s first wedding anniversary November
  • For another year as priest at St. George’s.
  • For the road trip that Deb and I did last summer across the country, seeing family and
  • For a vacation trip to Maui last February with our good friends Bob and Pat.
  • For our animals at home, especially for our cat Jessie’s making it through a serious illness since
  • For basic good health for Deb and me and the provision for our needs for housing, food, medical care, and transportation.
  • For some positive improvements to our house, including new windows and coverings, new heater and air conditioning, and new low-water use front yard (mulch and plants instead of grass).
  • For the opportunity to do some consulting with churches, something I’ve wanted to do for some
  • For relationships and accomplishments in our diocese through intercultural ministry and the

This is a partial list; I’m sure that I’ll think of other things to add. I encourage you to make your own list of things for which you thank God. Being thankful to God does not make everything perfect; we all still have challenges, difficulties, and losses in our lives. But giving thanks regularly helps me stay focused on God’s goodness and on the positive things in my life. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving this month!

In Jesus’ love,

Father Ray


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