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Epiphany Light

by the Rev. Ray Hess

Through February, we will be in the Epiphany Season. I really appreciate the major themes of this season: light and mission. In this season, we focus on the light of Christ which shines for all people – of3 kings all cultures, races, and backgrounds.  The theme of light connects directly with the theme of mission; since the light of Christ shines for all people, our mission is to be a part of sharing this light and love.

For us at St. George’s, this means being aware of the needs of the people of Carmichael and Sacramento.  Another way to state this is: what is God doing in our region, and how are we called to be a part of it?  One of the exciting actions of God is through the congregation of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Sacramento.  St. Matthew’s is now a Family Resource Center for the Sacramento area. This means that they receive funding from the state for their food, clothing, medical, and family ministries.  St. Matthew’s has also been approved as a Mission Enterprise Zone by the Episcopal Church. This is a grant of $20,000, matched by our diocese, for creative mission in the Sacramento area.  We support the ministry of St. Matthew’s through donations of food from our community garden, when crops are in season.  During the Epiphany Season, we are also gathering gloves, socks, and toiletries for people in need in our area, to be distributed through St. Matthew’s Food Bank.  Please bring these things on Sundays or during the week to the church office.

Epiphany is a good season to invite friends or family to come visit us at worship.  Think about people you know who do not have a church home, and who might find our community of St. George’s helpful, then invite them to come with you to worship on a Sunday morning.  The light of Christ shines for all! I hope that we can continue to find ways to let that light shine through us at St. George’s.


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