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Christmas Message from Father Ray

by the Rev. Ray Hess

Right after Thanksgiving, people in my neighborhood starting putting up their house lights for Christmas.  Each year, I love watching the lights go up and then admiring the lights as I drive around in the evenings.  Christmas Season is a time of darkness – with the shortest days of the year – and of light.  We have the wonderful physical lights in our neighborhoods, and the spiritual light of God’s love in the birth of Jesus.Image


The Gospel According to John says, “the light shines in the darkness.”  Christmas is about the light of God’s love demonstrated to us in the human life of Jesus.  Christians believe that God has come to live among us in the birth and life of Jesus.  This is a mystery, in the sense that we will never fully understand this.  It’s also great news for all of us, that God cares enough for us humans to become one of us.


Christmas is a time of year to let the light of God’s love shine in our hearts – to receive again this love offered to us.  It’s also a season to share this light through acts of kindness to people around us and to those who are in need.  At St. George’s Church, the women’s knitting group has been making knit helmet liners for soldiers deployed overseas, a simple act of caring.  We also will be making donations of food and money for River City Food Bank and to St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, to help those in need in our own area.


We will celebrate the Light of Christ at our Christmas Eve worship service at 7 p.m.  The service will begin with the church in darkness, then have the lighting of candles and readings about the light of God’s love.  Afterwards, we will begin the communion Christmas Eve service and join in singing many Christmas carols.  Visitors are welcome and expected for this celebration!


As we enjoy the lights displayed on many homes this season, let us also rejoice in the light of Jesus Christ shining from the stable in Bethlehem!


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