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Baptism and Total Ministry

By Mel Rose, Senior Warden

When we speak of baptism as a covenant, we emphasize the multiple commitments involved. First and most basic, there is God’s commitment to us. Then there are the commitments the community of faith makes to us. Finally, and no less important, are the commitments we make to God, to our children, and to the church.font

When we speak of “Total Ministry” we are speaking of our baptismal covenant. That is, in a few words, what Total Ministry is all about, our commitment to care for each other.

Take a few minutes and look at those evolved in our ministry teams. Is your name listed below? Would you like to find out more about what they do? Just talk to any member. They are waiting to talk to you.

St. George’s Ministry Teams

Pastoral Care:

Coordinator – Fr. Gould

Ministers – Dave Allmuth, Marilyn Ditzen, Bill Keye and Rev. Bob Olsen


Coordinator – Bob Olsen

Ministers – Joy Allmuth, Anne Mangels, Aaron Adkins and Becky Freie

Outreach Evangelism:

Coordinator – Rene Cress

Ministers – Bob Olsen, Thea Mangels, Jan Mirrione, Cathy Crosby, Janet Jenkins, Bob Gould, Joan Tennis and Dolores O’Brien

Christian Formation:

Coordinators – Bob Olsen & Vicky Karsten

Ministers – Rene Cress, Joan Tennis and Dolores O’Brien (as chair of Congregational Commission on Ministry)


Coordinators – Aaron Adkins and Barbara Cooper

Ministers – Barbara Girard, Jan Mirrione and Dolores O’Brien

From the Society of Saint John the Evangelist


“Self-sufficiency is a delusion, a dangerous delusion. We are all, to a degree, interdependent. It’s a fact of life. It’s true. And truth sets us free. Truth opens the door to grace. Truth opens the door to blessing. Even if we cringe to hear it.”


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