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October Thoughts from Father Ray

by Father Ray Hess

I want to highlight some important thing going on for our congregation this month:

 Animal BlessingImage

Our annual animal blessing service was on Sunday, October 6, at 10:00 a.m.  We celebrated with one service outside (with a tent, just in case of wet weather). This service honors St. Francis and his love for all of God’s creation. We had one cat, and many dogs join us for this celebration.  This is a tradition at St. George’s, which we enjoy.  I hope that if you were not able to bring your pet this year, you consider joining us next October with your pet (or even a picture of your pet) for a blessing. 


Total Ministry

We had an excellent parish meeting about Total Ministry with the Rev. Kay Rohde on September 8th. We are following up with positive steps. Over the last weekend of September, several of us form St. George’s attended the Total Ministry Gathering at St. John’s, Marysville.  This is an annual meeting for all diocesan congregations in Total Ministry or those considering Total Ministry. It is an opportunity to share with other churches involved in Total Ministry and learn from them. Back at St. George’s, we will continue to develop our ministry teams. We also will explore having a talent survey of the parish and doing teaching about spiritual gifts.



I announced on September 15th that I would like to form a focus group to discuss our worship at the 10:30 a.m. service. We will explore how to help this service be an inspiring, exciting traditional liturgy.  If you would like to be a part of this focus group, please let me know.  I think the group will meet three or four times.  Contact me via e-mail to FatherRay@frontier.net

Our Worship Team is in the midst of a search for a new musician for our worship.  If you have someone to nominate for this position, please contact me.  Our music leader plays at both Sunday services and works with the choir at least twice a month.


Crop Walk

The annual Crop Walk for our area will be on Sunday afternoon, October 15.  The walk will start at 1:00 p.m. at the west steps of the state Capitol Building. If you would like to walk and seek pledges for your walk, please see the website at www.cropwalkonline.org/SacramentoCA or call 916-444-7763. Our Capital Deanery will be gathering at the west steps at 1:00 p.m. Watch for the banner.  Proceeds from pledges for the walk will help provide food for needy people locally and worldwide.


Carmichael Fellowship Project

A group of about seven Carmichael congregations are starting a project that will help us work more closely together.  At least one representative for each church will visit one of the other churches each month for a period of six months. The team of visitors from the various churches will meet together to develop an outreach project by all the churches. Ryan Saunders has volunteered to be the representative for St. George’s. If you would like to be a part of this new project, please contact me.


Board of Trustees at St. George’s

On Saturday October 5th, we hosted a meeting of the Diocesan Board of Trustees.  The Trustees are responsible for diocesan finances and land decisions, as well as the programs and ministries of our diocese.  The Trustees take the place of the previous Diocesan Council and Board of Directors. The Trustees gather at churches around the diocese for their regular meetings. St. George’s provided lunch for the Trustees and gave a brief presentation at lunchtime about the ministries of our parish.


As you can see from my list of events, we have a full October! Please join in.


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