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United Thank Offering

We have many things and reasons to be thankful for in our lives. One way (out of many) to show that thankfulness is to drop a coin or two in a United Thank Offering (UTO) Blue Box while saying a thankful prayer (a suggested prayer is printed on the side of the box). Image

At least once a year, we empty those boxes.  The funds are taken to church on the designated Sunday to be combined with the funds of others and then forwarded to the diocese. The combined funds from across the United States then are allotted to various groups for a variety of good causes.

 How do your few coins help?  Three of the 53 grants awarded in 2012 were:

  • Diocese of Atlanta – $26,400 for the Friendship Center of Holy Comforter, Atlanta, Georgia to fund the consultant fee for the day program that addresses the mental needs of adults;
  • Diocese of Idaho – $6,162.95 for the completion of Teachers’ Workroom, a project of the Lillian Valley School, adjacent to the Fort Hall Reservation in Blackfoot to purchase a copy machine for the teachers.
  • Gifts to Overseas Missionary Personnel – $50,000 to provide monetary gifts for discretionary use of women and men who serve overseas (outside the United States) as Episcopal Mission Personnel, also to Episcopal religious orders for their branches serving outside the United States.

 A little goes a long way when we work together. Please pick up a Blue Box next Sunday, if you don’t already have one, and start using it.


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