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Listen to Preaching

Mel Rose, Senior Warden

In recent months I have been listening to how ministers and preachers write sermons: the research and preparation they often devote themselves to and how I have taken their devotion for granted. Most of my life, I’ve just listened to  the end result. Sometimes focused, and I confess, sometimes not.

When you listen to a sermon, do you try to visualize as you listen? Do you sometimes think about how the words relate to your life or a friend’s? Or, as I have to admit, are you sometimes distracted by the events in your life? Why not test yourself? See if you remember a sermon the evening after or even the day after. If you do remember, you might let the priest, deacon or preacher know. That is if you remember.


“By speaking a word, God brought the universe into existence, and we who are made in the image of God have a similar power – the power to use words to create or to destroy, to bless or to curse, to heal or to hurt. Words matter. Right speech matters.”

~By Brother David Vryhof Society of Saint John the Evangelist


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