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Questions of Faith

By the Rev. Bob Olsen

I don’t expect to have my theological beliefs confronted when watching a murder mystery, but that is what I happened recently. Sandy and I enjoy watching Masterpiece Theater and in a recent episode of Inspector Lewis, the story line revolved around a college psychology department and their work with examining why people clung to faith when it was so illogical. Part of their work included sessions questioning people’s faith: aggressively and confrontationally arguing with the subjects to see if they would retain their faith or abandon it in the face of logic.

When thinking how I would respond to an argument based on logic, my immediate answer would be that if faith was only based on logic, it wouldn’t be called faith. We don’t believe by proof or logic, but by faith. The characters in the center of the story viewing the world simply as we are born – we live – we die and that’s it, which seems so bleak and depressing. But these characters are a reflection of more and more people who share this lack of faith and seem to need to convince those of faith that we lack logic and are misguided in our faith. Of course they probably think people of faith who try to share their beliefs with the nonbelievers are misguided.

This TV show got me thinking about my faith, now it isn’t new to me that God’s existence is a matter of faith, rather than proofs and logical arguments. However I don’t find believing that God exists to be outside of the realm of logic, arguing that one simply has to look around them. The wonder of creation surrounds us day by day, even if we don’t always notice.

ImageTraveling this past two weeks reaffirms my faith that we are always in God’s presence, experiencing creation, not as something that was simply put into motion, but an ongoing unfolding. Whether driving across rolling prairies or through the mountains, gazing at glaciers or watching a ground squirrel running around my feet I know God is everywhere. But this vacation also reminded me of how easy it is to lose sight of this when I get buried in the day- to-day business of life. Maybe being in new surroundings made it easier to see what was around me, rather than being oblivious to the familiar surroundings when I am at home.Image

My goal will be to figure out how to mentally stay on vacation, seeing the glory of creation in the day-to-day surroundings of my daily life. I pray that each of us remain strong in our faith and enjoy the wonder of God’s creation that surrounds us always.Image


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