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Holy Land Reflections

     Deb and I have had four full days here in the Holy Land. How have I seen the Risen Lord here?  I sensed Jesus’ presence powerfully at Galilee, especially in the beauty of the lake and surrounding country. So much of Jesus’ ministry took place there, both in his earthly ministry and after his resurrection. I was impressed by the beautiful flowers everywhere at Galilee.Image

    Deborah had a resurrection experience yesterday. She had waded in the Dead Sea, and her feet were muddy. She was looking for a place to clean her feet, and a lady, a complete stranger, offered to wash her feet – like Jesus did for his disciples at the last supper!

     I also feel the risen Jesus’ presence in the Palestinian Christians’ witness in today’s Holy Land. They witness to Jesus’ peace and love for all in very divided place.

     I also want to mention how popular St. George is among people in the Holy Land, especially Palestinian  Christians.     St. George lived in the time of the early church when it was not lawful to be a Christian and serve in the Roman military. As a Christian soldier, George refused to deny his faith in Jesus and was put to death by the Romans. St. George became well known in this part of the world, and the crusaders brought back stories about George to Europe.  You can see many houses in Bethlehem, in the Palestinian area, with plaques about George on their front doors. We will celebrating St. George’s Day on the last Sunday of this month, and I will talk more about him then.

 Fr. Ray


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