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Father Ray’s April Message

ImageI wish everyone a joyous Easter Season! I hope that you will be able to worship with us during the season of Easter –worship is at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Remember that Easter is a season that lasts for fifty days from Easter Sunday through Pentecost (May 19 this year). This is a season to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and to look for signs of the resurrection around us. Where do you see signs of the resurrection in your life and the life of our parish?

I am getting settled into my new ministry with you as Priest in Charge. As I said in last month’s newsletter, I see my major role as a facilitator and coach with you in the process of Total Ministry. Later in the year, we will do some things to think and  explore together what Total Ministry will mean for us at St. George’s. In the meantime, I look forward to getting to know you better.

Because my position is a quarter-time one, my challenge is to use my hours well each month (about forty hours per month) as your Priest in Charge. Most months, I will be with you for two Sundays. I also will be in the church office one morning each  week. I am also available anytime by phone or text message on my work cell phone or by e-mail at FatherRay@frontiernet.netI check for phone, text, or e-mail messages very frequently and will get back to you if you leave a message.

Deborah and I will be away from April 9-23 on the diocesan Holy Land Pilgrimage.  We are very excited about our first trip to this part of the world.  This is intended to be a pilgrimage, not just a tourist trip. We see this as a spiritual journey – outward to this very important place for our faith, and inward as we are Holy Land Logoopen to the work of the Holy Spirit in our journey. On our pilgrimage, we will be visiting the Christian National Preschool in Nablus, a town on the West Bank.  This is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem which serves children from all religious backgrounds, something rare in the Middle East.  St. George’s took up a collection for a donation to this kindergarten, which I will present in person on our trip.  Deb and I ask your prayers for a safe and good pilgrimage.

Deborah and I both thank all of you for your warm welcome for us. St. George’s is a very loving and welcoming community! I wish you a wonderful Easter Season, filled with experiences of the resurrection of Jesus.

In Jesus’ love,

Father Ray+


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